About us

The Members of the „Miss Moravia“ – music collective were all born and raised in Austria's „Weinviertel“, in Moravia and western Slovakia. Together they are about to take their own musical traditions to the next level. Singer Andrea Profant and her 7 piece band are really engaged in something special: A passionate 21st century love affair with Folk Music. If you expect a little more than sober traditionalism - look no further. "Miss Moravia" is all about music that never lingers between extremes, either shamelessly sentimental of brutishly ecstatic.

A frontwoman that seduces, laughs and cries is four languages and takes you right to the banks of river morava. Transforming from farmgirl to gypsy woman to diva. Backed by an orchestra that switches from country dance to big band in the blink of an eye. With wit, sencerity and a persuasiveness that makes you believe those old songs never grooved another way. Sometimes the most exciting world music happens just outside your window - here´s the band to prove it.


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